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Linda Zhang

  • TitleAttending Physician
  • DepartmentFertility & Reproduction
  • DegreeBachelor
  • LanguageEnglish,Mandarin
  • ClinicSongyuan:Monday~Friday


Education Background:
Dr. Zhang graduated from the department of clinical medicine, Medical College of Zhengzhou University (former Henan Medical University). 

Working Experience:
From 2002 to 2006, Dr. Zhang worked in the Ob-Gyn department of maternal and child health hospital in Songjiang District.
From 2006 to 2016, Dr. Zhang worked in Ob-Gyn department of Pudong Gongli Hospital of Second Military Medical University.In 2008, Dr. Zhang was promoted to chief physician.  

Dr. Zhang has been engaged in the Ob-Gyn department for 16 years, having extensive experience by dealing with more than 1000 cases of surgery. Dr. Zhang specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of common gynecological diseases and minimally invasive surgery, and the diagnosis and treatment of cervical diseases, including colposcopy, biopsy, LEEP, etc, as well as obstetric high risk pregnancy, pregnancy complications, abnormal stage of labor, high risk family planning operation.