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Making neighbors happy

Attracting people from faraway places


Reviewing the last ten years, I returned to China and started the business, although many tough things happened along the way , I learned a lot from the community, the employees, and improved myself.


For the community——The private physician services of American-Sino brings a new choice to the domestic medical market. It is different from other medical institutions on three basic points: Always standing by the Clients, letting them take the initiative; the patients has the right of informed consent, Implement evidence based medicine, make sure the equality in doctor-patient relationship; We provide coherence medical services through the attending responsibility.


To the staff——American-Sino became their warm family and community college. Through multicultural contacts, professional skills training and remodeling values, Employees exercise the benevolent culture from unconsciously to consciously, Achieve organizational growing goals through individual grovement,which makes American-Sino‘s a conscious corporate with values and culture:“Making neighbors happy,Attracting people from faraway places”,This idea also became an explanation of internal and external cohesion to ASOG.


To myself——In the past decade,from experience of managing American-Sino,I changed from a doctor who doesn’t know the way of the world, to a manager with ideals and aspirations. Times of frustration and suffering also made me strong in my spirit,showed me the way for good survival, the way to succeed and being meaningful adult. I finally realized, to pursue a career is not only benefiting myself, but have something to leave for the community in a lifetime.


On this occasion, I sincerely thank all the people who give us help, especially Dean Yuanfang Zhang, Dean Jianguang Xu, Dean Qiang Ding who guided me, and gave me the opportunity and platform to develop when I came back to China. It’s hard to find the words to express my gratitude! I want to thank all my leaders, friends, colleagues and relatives, without their support and help, I couldn’t achieved what I have. Their understanding, help and support strengthened my desire which is “To drop the ego, make American-Sino a century brand”. Now, American-Sino has passed ten years, looking into the future decade——American-Sino will be widely rooted in people’s hearts and grow like a tree! Let’s try together to achieve the same dream!


 American-Sino OB/GYN/Pediatrics Services   Chairman of the board、M.D.

George Q. Kuo